Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

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Custom-fit upper & lower whitening trays + 3 syringes 2.4 mL ZOOM! NiteWhite 22 % bleach. This is the same take home kit sold in dental offices for $400 & up. Immediate results. Fast and highly effective.

Here’s how it works: We mail out an upper & lower dental impression kit to you (putty & trays). Following the EASY instructions, take your impression(s) and using the pre-paid mailer-mail back to us. Upon receipt of impressions, we will fabricate your new custom fit trays within 2 business days. That’s it!

If you like to keep your teeth consistently white throughout the year, this is the option for you. When we compare custom fit trays that are made specifically for you to other forms of whitening(crest white strips, white lightening, etc) one can quickly see the short term and long term advantages of using the custom fit trays. You cannot get a more comfortable fit than thin clear trays that are made from your exact dental anatomy. Many people wear these trays while they’re at work interacting with clients & co-workers because they’re so unobtrusive & unnoticeable. Unlike most whitening methods that are only good for one treatment, your custom trays can be used and reused for years. When you run out of gel, simply contact us to order more. Your teeth will stay white year after year. This system gets you the biggest "bang for your buck".

Taking your own dental impression is EASY!! Click here to learn how to take your own dental impression(s).

NiteWhite ACP 22% is a popular at-home tooth whitening gel thanks to the safety of its medium-strength. It is manufactured by Discus Dental, the maker of the venerated ZOOM! one-hour tooth whitening system, so you know its products have to be the best! NiteWhite ACP 22% is a clinical-grade tooth whitening gel of 22% carbamide peroxide. Compared against the range of take-home tooth whitening gels, 22% is a medium strength tooth whitening gel that is an excellent option for sensitive mouths.

Before purchasing please read and acknowledge information below:


I understand that treatment results may vary or regress due to a variety of circumstances. I understand that almost all natural teeth can benefit from ZOOM! Take Home whitening treatments and significant whitening will be achieved in most cases. I understand that ZOOM! Take Home whitening treatments are not intended to lighten artificial teeth, caps, crowns, veneers or porcelain, composite or other restorative materials and that people with darkly stained yellow or yellow-brown teeth frequently achieve better results than people with gray or bluish-gray teeth. I understand that teeth with multiple colorations, bands, splotches or spots due to tetracycline use or flourosis do not whiten well, may need multiple treatments or may not whiten at all.I understand that teeth with many fillings, cavities may not and are usually best treated with other non-bleaching alternatives. I understand that provisionals or temporaries made from acrylics may become discolored after exposure to ZOOM! Take Home whitening treatment.


I understand that take home whitening treatments are considered generally safe by most dental professionals but that the treatment is not without risk. I understand that some of the potential complications of this treatment include, but are not limited to:

Tooth Sensitivity/Pain- During the course of use of the ZOOM! Take Home whitening treatment, some individuals can experience some tooth sensitivity or pain. This is normal and is usually mild, but it can be worse in susceptible individuals. Normally, tooth sensitivity or pain subsides within 24 hrs of discontinued use but in rare cases can persist for longer periods of time. People with existing sensitivity, recession, exposed dentin, exposed root surfaces, recently cracked teeth, abfractions (micro-cracks), open cavities, leaking fillings, or other dental conditions that cause sensitivity or allow penetration of the gel into the tooth may find that those conditions increase or prolong tooth sensititvity during the ZOOM! Take Home whitening treatment.

Gum/Cheek Inflammation- Whitening may cause inflammation of your gums or cheek margins. This is due to inadvertent exposure to a small area of those tissues to the whitening. The inflammation is usually temporary which will subside within a few days but may persist longer depending on the degree to which soft tissues were exposed to gel.

Relapse- After treatment, it is natural for the teeth that underwent treatment to regress somewhat in their shading. This should be very gradual, but it can be accelerated by exposing the teeth to various staining agents. I understand that repeat treatments may be needed to maintain the tooth shade I desire for my teeth.

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