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Sentinel Hard Acrylic Night Guard (.040 or .080)
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Sentinel Dual-Laminated Night Guard
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Why a custom made mouth guard?

"The American Dental Association promotes the importance of safety in maintaining oral health and the use of a properly fitted mouthguard as the best available protective device for reducing the incidence and severity of sports-related dental injuries. The Councils are committed to oral health promotion and injury prevention for sports participants." -source ADA (American Dental Association)

Click here to learn the latest 2014 study from about sports head injuries and the benefits of wearing a custom athletic mouth guard. For night guard (teeth protection from nighttime teeth grinding and jaw clenching) read this FAQ.

When A Mouthguard Is Super Comfortable, It’s More Likely To Be Worn
We know that a lot of people avoid wearing mouthguards because they’re uncomfortable. They get in the way of speech, and sometimes hamper breathing. They can also put stress on one’s jaw if it doesn’t fit right.

Custom Mouthguards Are Different

  • Custom-fit mouthguards are more comfortable than stock mouthguards—even the boil-and-bite ones.
  • They’re less bulky, which makes talking, breathing, and swallowing easier.
  • Because of the quality of the materials used, they last longer.
  • You’ll enjoy added protection against cut lips, a cut tongue, and concussions.